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Vak 102

anoniem May 23, 2022

(video is zoomed in) such a good view of the stage!! there was also a catwalk and you could see her clearly from there too!

55-sterren -uitzicht
anoniem May 23, 2022

THESE ARE SUCH GOOD SEATS. i was closer than expected and you can see the artist very well.

55-sterren -uitzicht
jeaniceee_ Apr 5, 2022

saw billie eilish and it was the best night of my life. had amazing seats & a fantastic view.

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Vak 104

anoniem May 23, 2022

these seats were pretty close to the catwalk and weren’t too far from the stage!!

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Vak 224

Robsh14 May 16, 2022

Acoustics aren't great in the venue


Vak C2

hockeyref13 May 3, 2022

Club seat next to intermission show booth. Ability to purchase buffet inside club included

55-sterren -uitzicht
Robsh14 Dec 9, 2021


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Vak 113

JaredBusch62 Apr 27, 2022

April 23, 2022

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Vak Floor F

azandrew611 Mar 1, 2022

honestly great seats saw jojo really well towards the middle of the floor and for being floor not bad but you have to be tall to see over the people so wouldn't recommend for short people

55-sterren -uitzicht

Vak 208

azandrew611 Feb 5, 2022

i had a perfect view of the stage and saw harry real close from being nosebleeds- i don't wanna talk abt how much i spent tho :/

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Vak 108

anoniem Jan 29, 2022

Sabres won 3-1!

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Vak 114

CptJollyMon Jan 6, 2022

Glass obscures far corner

44-sterren -uitzicht

Vak C3

Robsh14 Dec 8, 2021

AZBlue Club

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Vak 119

anoniem Nov 25, 2021

view is great when the play in your end, but terrible for viewing on the other side. Glass distortion means you can't see about 1/4 of the ice

33-sterren -uitzicht

Vak 122

flobelle Nov 14, 2021

the seat had a view of him at every angle and could easily see him when he went on either catwalk

55-sterren -uitzicht

Vak 220

azandrew611 Nov 11, 2021

honestly really good view of the stage and it's not obstructed and i feel really close and i can see really well. highly recommend.

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Vak 215

RDailey1055 Nov 7, 2021

Great Seats, for “value seats” can see the entire ice sheet, and don’t miss a bit of action!

44-sterren -uitzicht
anoniem Nov 7, 2021

Amazing view, and seats for the price! You can see the ice without obstruction.

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Vak 101

JaredBusch62 Oct 19, 2021

October 18, 2021

55-sterren -uitzicht

Vak 121

anoniem Sep 26, 2021

Amazing semi up close views.

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