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Vak Field Box 39

D-Rey Mar 30, 2020


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Vak Right Field Box 90

Pnkyandbrain Jan 11, 2020

Pretty poor seats. Far from the infield, foul pole directly blocks the batters box, sun is right in your face in an afternoon game, and some of the video boards are blocked from view. Plus side, you can see into the bullpen, and can see most of the field.

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Vak Grandstand 19

guardfunkel Dec 27, 2019

Amazing view

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Vak Grandstand 31

daveo Oct 25, 2019

Hidden gem of a section with good views.

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Vak Field Box 64

tnkrise77 Oct 15, 2019

Awesome Seats

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Vak Pavilion Box 1

anoniem Sep 29, 2019

Great seats...1PM game and we were in the shade the whole game...

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Vak Field Box 69

anoniem Sep 28, 2019

Great seats. Good leg room. You can see right into the visitors dugout. There is a food server that comes around and takes your orders. As you can see the only down fall is that seat 1, closest to the dugout you can’t see the batter to well.

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Vak Grandstand 13

anoniem Sep 26, 2019

Great old time venue! A bucket list for the hubs. A little cramped, but to be expected and had a fantastic time! Just wish we had been able to stay a few days later to see them with the Giants.

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Vak Loge Box 137

waz35 Sep 19, 2019

September 19, 2019 - aisle in front of seat, which is handy, and the view is clear.

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Vak Loge Box 100

grasshoppah Sep 15, 2019

Not a bad seat, but if you want to take zoom shots, there are netting cables just about everywhere. This is a 4-seat section, with a bar to the right of seat 1.

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Vak Pavilion 8

Torpman Sep 14, 2019


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Vak C6

anoniem Sep 14, 2019

Great seats and view

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Vak Grandstand 10

stevieboucher Sep 6, 2019

Sep 5 2019 Twins 2-1 Red Sox

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stevieboucher Sep 6, 2019

Sep 5 2019 Twins 2-1 Red Sox

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stevieboucher Sep 6, 2019

Sep 5 2019 Twins 2-1 Red Sox

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Vak Grandstand 14

tbetts Sep 5, 2019

Slightly obstructed

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Vak Grandstand 32

laureng38 Sep 3, 2019

Obstructed towards your left. Hard to see pitchers mound.

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Vak EMC Club 2

anoniem Aug 31, 2019

Awesome seats! Great for people 6' or taller - lots of leg room.

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Vak Grandstand 15

anoniem Aug 26, 2019

Excellent seats!

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Vak Grandstand 16

anoniem Aug 22, 2019

Post blocking part of scoreboard and second base but overall good and totally covered by the overhang.

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