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Comerica Park » vak 119 » rij 3 » stoel 16

Vak 119 is gelabeld als: bij eerste honk achter het net
Rij 3 is getagd met: 16 stoelen op rij
Stoelen zijn gelabeld met: heeft extra beenruimte Bij de dugout van het uitteam Aan de rand
  • Comerica Park, vak: 119, rij: 3, stoel: 16
    Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox
    Third row of the section, third from the field. While this seat is beside the dugout, what you aren't told is that there is a large camera well in between the visiting dugout and yourself. If you are purchasing tickets in row four, seat 16, beware of obstructed views from a television camera. Also, the net is really inconvenient if you're hunting for autographs or photos.