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  • KeyBank State Theatre, vak: Orchestra R, rij: P, stoel: 308
    Ain't Too Proud
    Close to the action however the sight lines are not great if you have someone tall in front of you. Not a lot of room between you and the seat in front of you either.
  • Saenger Theatre (New Orleans), vak: Orchestra L, rij: F, stoel: 13
    Great sight line and close enough to see facial expressions. Any seats further left will loose some visibility on the left side of the stage.
  • Angel Stadium, vak: 130, rij: J, stoel: 5
    Los Angeles Angels vs Boston Red Sox
    Overall great seats and close to the action. One section closer to the infield would be the sweet spot.
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, vak: Orch Left, rij: H, stoel: 101
    This seat is on the aisle and has a great view of the stage.
  • Carpenter Performing Arts Center, vak: Center, rij: U, stoel: 24
    This is the second to last row in the theatre and the view is great. Due to the raised rows you will never have someone's head in your way. I prefer being closer to really see facial expressions but these seats were more than acceptable.
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, vak: Orchestra LC, rij: P, stoel: 308
    Perfect vantage point! Close enough to see facial expressions but far enough back to get a good overview of all the choreo.

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  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, vak: Orchestra RC, rij: B, stoel: 204
    I love being close to the action and being able to see every facial expression. If I hadn't already seen Hamilton numerous times before though I would say this seat was almost too close. You have to look up to see the show and if the performers were mid-stage or back I could only see them from the knees up. For $10 tickets though, this lottery winner was very happy with the seats!
  • Ahmanson Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: B, stoel: 20
    A Christmas Carol
    I loved being this close to the action but you will need to look up at the stage. The people in Row A moved because they didn’t like being so close.
  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre, vak: Left Box A, stoel: 1
    There are only 2 movable chairs in the box so it was spacious & private. You’re really close to the action but are a little obstructed on the left. For Six this didn’t matter as they preformed everything in the center but use caution with full productions.
  • Westside Theatre, vak: Orchestra C, rij: B, stoel: 109
    Little Shop of Horrors
    This seat was fantastic! There is a two step raise between the rows making sure your view is not obstructed by those in front of you. It’s a small theatre so I’m sure the view from the back is just as good.
  • Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, vak: Orchestra C, rij: A, stoel: 110
    I was so close I couldn’t even get the full stage in the picture. I love being this close, it’s great being able to see all the little details.
  • Winter Garden Theatre, vak: Orchestra C, rij: N, stoel: 105
    The Music Man
    The orchestra section is on a slope with seats staggered making the view really good. I could see facial expressions very clearly from this seat.

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  • Walter Kerr Theatre, vak: Orchestra C, rij: P, stoel: 105
    The view was great. I was fortunate to not have someone directly in front of me for 2 rows. I also did not have someone on my right which made it more comfortable as there is not a lot of space between the seats which leads to elbows in your side.
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, vak: Orchestra LC, rij: J, stoel: 305
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, vak: Orchestra RC, rij: M, stoel: 212
  • Marquis Theatre, vak: Orchestra L, rij: E, stoel: 9
    Great view!
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, vak: Orch Right, rij: J, stoel: 308
    Against the wall but there is a gap which provides extra arm room. The view is great and only the extreme right of the stage is hard to see.
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, vak: Orchestra R, rij: W, stoel: 8
    Miss Saigon
    Overall good seat but if you really want to see the actors' facial expressions you'll want to be about 5-7 rows closer. The mezzanine above begins at this row and it does not affect your view at all since it just slightly behind your head. The seat is so far right that you may not be able to see a tiny bit on the far right of the stage depending on the show.
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, vak: Center Box Tier 1, rij: A, stoel: 2
    This box has a great view of the stage. The chairs in row A are of normal height and and are not bolted to the floor and can be moved. The chairs in row B and C in this box can also be moved but they are progressively taller in order to see over the chairs in front. This can be a problem for shorter people as your legs will dangle.
  • Lyric Theatre, vak: Orchestra R, rij: T, stoel: 14
    Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
    Good seats overall but I personally would have preferred being a few rows closer to the action.
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