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  • Stamford Bridge, vak: 4 Upper, rij: 11, stoel: 130
    Chelsea FC vs West Ham United
    Very close to the home fans, behind the goal. Great view for our equaliser! Great atmosphere brought by our support including "There's only one Ray Wilkins". Photo taken 8 April 2018. #IronsOnTour
  • Selhurst Park, vak: T, rij: 13, stoel: 63
    Crystal Palace FC vs West Ham United F.C.
    Another win on the road for West Ham. The post was manageable but care if you are further back than row 13! Seat rating takes into account away fans atmosphere created!!
  • Wembley Stadium, vak: 128, rij: 16, stoel: 150
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills
    International Series match. Seat 150 end of row. Good view of end zone nearest. Big screens show anything missed!
  • Loftus Road, vak: Y2, rij: D, stoel: 214
    Queens Park Rangers vs West Ham United F.C.
    An improvement on last time but not good value for money.
  • The Hawthorns, vak: A1, rij: TT, stoel: 11
    West Bromwich Albion FC vs West Ham United
    Saturday 26 April 2014
  • Emirates Stadium, vak: 20, rij: 1, stoel: 604
    Arsenal FC vs West Ham United F.C.
    View towards North Bank goal. Picture taken 15 April 2014.

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  • Emirates Stadium, vak: 20, rij: 1, stoel: 604
    Arsenal FC vs West Ham United F.C.
    View from the away section. Low in relation to pitch so difficulty in viewing opposite touch lines
  • Wembley Stadium, vak: 135, rij: 20, stoel: 57
    St. Louis Rams vs New England Patriots
    NFL International Series game 28 Oct 2012.
  • Broadhall Way, vak: Main, rij: B, stoel: 140
    Stevenage F.C. vs Swindon Town FC
  • Wembley Stadium, vak: Pitch View Restaurant West
    West Ham United vs Blackpool FC
    West Ham v Blackpool 19 May 2012 #COYI
  • Boleyn Ground, vak: Main Stand Box
    West Ham United vs Southampton FC
    View from a box
  • Loftus Road, vak: School Upper Visitors, rij: M, stoel: 110
    Queens Park Rangers