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  • Field Of Dreams, vak: L13, rij: 21, stoel: 24
    Quad Cities Blue Sox vs Cedar Rapids Bunnies
    MiLB field of dreams game. Hot as can be with no shade but wonderful views. These seats are about halfway up.
  • Simmons Field, vak: 111, rij: 3, stoel: 5
    Kenosha Kingfish vs Kokomo Jackrabbits
    Right up close to the field and the bullpen. No shade. No cup holders. No net here either
  • Soldier Field, vak: 119, rij: 19, stoel: 22
    Chicago Red Stars vs San Diego Wave
    On the aisle at the top of the section. Close to food beer and bathrooms.
  • Soldier Field, vak: 119, rij: 19, stoel: 22
    Chicago Fire FC vs Atlanta United
    Top row on the aisle. Great view. No shade.
  • Dozer Park, vak: 108, rij: 10, stoel: 2
    Peoria Chiefs vs Fort Wayne Tincaps
    Seats behind home with a great view of the whole field. In the shade for a night/twilight game.
  • DuPage Medical Group Field, vak: 111, rij: F, stoel: 8
    Joliet Slammers vs Empire State Greys
    Behind the Slammers dugout. Great view of the field but no shade at all

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  • ABC Supply Stadium, vak: 108, rij: N, stoel: 24
    Beloit Sky Carp vs Cedar Rapids Kernels
    Top row. Close to the concessions and bathrooms. Good view of the field although the left field corner is obstructed from our view
  • The Corn Crib, vak: 106, rij: N, stoel: 1
    Ground Sloths vs Bobcats
    Good seats on the aisle with some extra leg room. No cup holders or shade
  • Impact Field, vak: 112, rij: 16, stoel: 1
    All Stars
    So many great seats here. We have a clear view of the field and the seats are comfortable. These are on the aisle and close to the top. The sun is peaking through so just a bit longer for shade.
  • SeatGeek Stadium, vak: 111, rij: 26, stoel: 18
    Chicago Red Stars vs North Carolina Courage
    These are bleacher seats but they're near the top (concessions and bathrooms) and in the shade
  • Robin Roberts Stadium, vak: K, rij: 2, stoel: 2
    Springfield Lucky Horseshoes vs Normal CornBelters
    Right behind home and in the shade for a mid-summer 6:30 game.
  • Wintrust Field, vak: 299, rij: A, stoel: 8
    Schaumburg Boomers vs Joliet Slammers
    Sitting in the Jim Beam club. So amazing. I feel like I work for a baseball team but also have a private bar

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  • Allstate Arena, vak: 114, rij: B, stoel: 1
    Chicago Wolves vs Springfield Thunderbirds
    These are really nice seats. Close to the glass with a good view of the ice. Here it's an outstanding view of the best opening in hockey.
  • SeatGeek Stadium, vak: 112, rij: 24, stoel: 5
    Chicago Red Stars vs Orlando Pride
    Top row of 112. Sitting in the shade with a great view
  • SeatGeek Stadium, vak: 111, rij: 27, stoel: 16
    Chicago Red Stars vs Orlando Pride
    Nice view of the whole pitch. Right on the end line. Under the overhang
  • Victory Field, vak: 113, rij: R, stoel: 5
    Indianapolis Indians vs Columbus Clippers
    Clear view of the whole field. Under the overhang. Good seats
  • Louisville Slugger Field, vak: 213, rij: A, stoel: 1
    Louisville Bats vs Charlotte Knights
    Good seats. The protective mesh does obstruct a clear view of the right side of the infield.
  • Bowling Green Ballpark, vak: 205, rij: C, stoel: 1
    Bowling Green Hot Rods vs Hickory Crawdads
    THESE seats are amazing! Right behind home plate with a view of the whole field. Stadium club included. This is perfect.
  • Bowling Green Ballpark, vak: 205, rij: A, stoel: 1
    Bowling Green Hot Rods vs Hickory Crawdads
    The club that is right behind us that is included in the price is amazing. These seats are awful
  • First Horizon Park, vak: 208, rij: E, stoel: 14
    Nashville Sounds vs Norfolk Tides
    Club seats. Padded. Amazing view. This is luxury
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