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Gids voor University of Colorado
University of Colorado bevindt zich in Boulder, Colorado.

Populaire locaties bij University of Colorado

CU Events Center

Colorado Buffaloes
NCAA Basketball
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Folsom Field
zaterdag, 2 okt - 13.00
StubHub $82
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Folsom Field
zaterdag, 16 okt - 13.00
StubHub $70
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Folsom Field
zaterdag, 6 nov - 13.00
StubHub $73
Kaartjes Kaartjes
Folsom Field
zaterdag, 20 nov - 13.00
StubHub $72
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Top Restaurants

Il Pastaio

Il Pastaio 4.5 ster(ren)

Just had dinner here again, and I'm just astounded at how well they do. It's now their 15 year anniversary, and they're still doing a marvelous job....
Ado's Kitchen & Bar

Ado's Kitchen & Bar 4.5 ster(ren)

Breakfast & Brunch, Italian, Steakhouses
Great new place! I came in here one night after attending a CU Buffs game and was very impressed. Chef Ado cooked and served me a very well prepared pasta...
Tibet Kitchen

Tibet Kitchen 4 ster(ren)

We tried the veg, chicken and beef momo's (tibetan style dumplings) amazingly well prepared, piping hot and with their explosive sauce, packs quite a...
Flower Pepper Restaurant

Flower Pepper Restaurant 4 ster(ren)

Just like grandpa's cooking back home!! And that is the best compliment I have given! Where do I start? The steamed morsel pockets of dumplings that melted...
Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse 4 ster(ren)

Tea Rooms, Breakfast & Brunch
The place is beautiful! The decor and atmosphere was the main reason I wanted to come here. I was surprised by the variety of cultures in their menu. I had...