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Gids voor Kent State University
Kent State University bevindt zich in Kent, Ohio.


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TicketCity $53
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TicketCity $57
Kaartjes Kaartjes
Dix Stadium
zaterdag, 26 okt - 23.59
TicketCity $59
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Dix Stadium
donderdag, 14 nov - 23.59
TicketCity $53
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TicketCity $53
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Top Restaurants


GRAZERS 4.5 ster(ren)

American (New), Vegan, Gluten-Free
Great place! They have a Belly app coupon for a free hummus. Their Pita chips are only $1.
Rays Place

Rays Place 4 ster(ren)

American (Traditional), Bars
Ray's Place is one of those legendary-to-locals restaurant/bars that many college towns have - lots of sports and local memorabilia on the walls, scuffed...
Taco Tonto's

Taco Tonto's 4 ster(ren)

Love Taco Tontos! It's one of those unique, hole-in-the-wall places you picture when you think of a college town. Lots of color, lots of art - and reliably...
Little City Grill

Little City Grill 4 ster(ren)

American (Traditional)
Groupon Lunch for 2 visit: password protected wifi is available... the password is not on the menu or tablecards Chili - sweet turkey and bean... really...
Mike's Place

Mike's Place 3.5 ster(ren)

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch
This place is a real hoot. It's so different than other restaurants, but very very overwhelming. The menu is huge (like lists of food in small print) and so...