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Fun things to do in Peoria, Illinois.

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Dozer Park
zondag, 16 jun - 14.05
TicketCity $18
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Dozer Park
donderdag, 20 jun - 18.35
TicketCity $18
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Dozer Park
vrijdag, 21 jun - 18.35
TicketCity $18
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Carver Arena
vrijdag, 21 jun - 19.00
TicketCity $43
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Dozer Park
zaterdag, 22 jun - 18.35
TicketCity $18
Kaartjes Kaartjes
Dozer Park
zondag, 23 jun - 17.05
TicketCity $18
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Carver Arena
donderdag, 27 jun - 19.30
TicketCity $41
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Top Restaurants

Chai's Cuisine

Chai's Cuisine 4.5 ster(ren)

Thai, Chinese
second time here...everything Thai I've ordered has been amazing! positive best Thai I've had anywhere! Ignore the cheesy sign & go IN! You will thank me!

Two25 4 ster(ren)

American (New), Steakhouses, Pizza
Excellent food! Inside the Mark Twain hotel and beautiful ambiance. I think I would have given it 5 starts if our waiter had been better. I would go again.
Thai Tyme

Thai Tyme 4 ster(ren)

Thai, Noodles, Asian Fusion
Highly recommend this place. My favorite dish is the Royal Cashew with chicken. The green curry, panang, and pumpkin curry are also awesome as well. This...
Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli 4 ster(ren)

Delis, Salad, Sandwiches
Great place! Food is so good and service is great! Menu is incredibly huge, so there is something for everyone. They also do a lot of charity fundraisers...
3 Reales

3 Reales 4 ster(ren)

Mexican, Grocery
We came from the Aurora area where good tacos are plentiful. We were worried we had been exiled to a taco-less place and would be forced to make a 2-hr ride...
Castle's Patio Inn

Castle's Patio Inn 4 ster(ren)

American (Traditional), Salad, Sandwiches
Famous for their cheese dip for quite a few decades now! Tucked away in a neighborhood, this is a nice little bar with a great kitchen. Reasonable...
Pepper's Cafe

Pepper's Cafe 4 ster(ren)

This place is an occasional stop for me at lunchtime. The staff here are bend-over-backwards-for-you friendly. It's served cafeteria-style, though it's NOT...