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Vak 104

WahoosFan Aug 10, 2012

Billy Hamilton, the fastest man in baseball!

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Vak 106

WahoosFan May 7, 2012

Right over the Wahoos dugout!

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WahoosFan Aug 23, 2012

Billy Hamilton's at bat just before tying, then breaking the all time record for stolen bases!

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WahoosFan May 7, 2012

Burn the Biscuits!

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Vak 109

WahoosFan Jul 11, 2014

6th inning of a great game!

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Vak 113

nick15136 Dec 31, 2016


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Vak 117

SilverAlert Aug 23, 2014

If you care at all about watching the game, I do not recommend this section. Foot traffic up and down the aisle is a constant distraction and obscures most of the infield. Nice park overall, though.

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Vak Outfield berm

WahoosFan Jun 26, 2013

Fireworks after the game

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