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  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: B, stoel: 114
    The Waverly Gallery
    This was the front row and I had 2.5 feet of leg-room. The stage was not very high. Absolutely fantastic view and to be so close for this play. I asked the usher if row B is always the first row and she said no, it changes based on the current production.
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Left Mezz, rij: A, stoel: 119
    The Waverly Gallery
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Rear Mez, rij: G, stoel: 101
    The Waverly Gallery
    Cramped seating, but on the aisle.
  • anoniem
    5-sterren theater-uitzicht
    John Golden Theatre, vak: Orchestra Center, rij: G, stoel: 111
    The Waverly Gallery
    Excellent view, kind of narrow seat
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Orchestra Left, rij: H, stoel: 1
    The Waverly Gallery
    Excellent seats. Plenty of leg room, with comfortable padded seats. Great views of the stage!
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: E, stoel: 117
    The Waverly Gallery
    Miss only a few minutes of stuff at dinner. Would maybe sit a few more seats center orchestra, but it's such a close seat, it's wonderful to see facial expressions.
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Orch, rij: Q, stoel: 12
    The Waverly Gallery
    Far back but can see perfectly
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: F Mezz C, rij: A, stoel: 110
    The Waverly Gallery
    There's a pole that holds the lights about 1 foot away. It doesn't obstruct the view.
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: P, stoel: 2
    The Waverly Gallery
    Could see the complete stage. An aisle seat so each leg room.
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Orcestra, rij: G, stoel: 103
    The Waverly Gallery
    Great seat.
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Mezzanine, rij: A, stoel: 109
    The Waverly Gallery
    Excellent view!