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  • Walter Kerr Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: N, stoel: 101
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, vak: MEZZL, rij: C, stoel: 3
    Great view! The mezz is somewhat steep, so the people in the two rows in front of us did not block us from seeing the stage. Accoustics were great, and the actors felt close enough to see their performances clearly. Would sit here again.
  • anoniem
    5-sterren theater-uitzicht
    Walter Kerr Theatre, vak: Orch Center, rij: R, stoel: 101
    It was a great view! The mezz overhang barely covered the top of the set. And I mean barely! Fantastic seat for the low price
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, vak: Mezz Left, rij: F, stoel: 5
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, vak: OrchL, rij: B, stoel: 7
    Little leg room because you're practically on the stage! Incredible view.
  • Walter Kerr Theatre