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  • anoniem
    5-sterren theater-uitzicht
    Winspear Opera House, vak: Mezzanine C, rij: A, stoel: 19
    Bright Star
  • Ahmanson Theatre, vak: Orch, rij: U, stoel: 48
    Bright Star
    No bad seats in the Orchestra at Ahmanson
  • Ahmanson Theatre, vak: Mezzanine, rij: B, stoel: 3
    Bright Star
    Okay seats but if you're short then don't sit here. Move up/back a few rows because the railing is in your sight line. Bright Star is spectacular! Five stars for the show!
  • Cort Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: A, stoel: 1
    Bright Star
    I'm glad I read the other reviews here and went for an aisle seat. The seats are small and there is NO leg room. I'm 5'6 and had a hard time finding a place to put my legs. If possible sit further back for an unobstructed view.
  • Cort Theatre
    Bright Star
  • Cort Theatre, vak: Balcony, rij: B, stoel: 112
    Bright Star