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Orpheum Theatre (Minneapolis)
zaterdag, 20 apr - 14.00
TicketCity $8
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Varsity Theater
zaterdag, 20 apr - 19.00
TicketCity $56
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Orpheum Theatre (Minneapolis)
zaterdag, 20 apr - 20.00
TicketCity $10
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Orpheum Theatre (Minneapolis)
zondag, 21 apr - 13.00
TicketCity $8
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Orpheum Theatre (Minneapolis)
zondag, 21 apr - 18.30
TicketCity $29
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The Armory
maandag, 22 apr - 19.00
TicketCity $99
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Orpheum Theatre (Minneapolis)
dinsdag, 23 apr - 19.30
TicketCity $63
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Top Restaurants

Lotus Restaurant

Lotus Restaurant 4.5 ster(ren)

Vietnamese, Noodles, Soup
Very very good Vietnamese place. The food was awesome. The ambience is good and this place is always crowded. No matter if it's weekday or weekend. I have...
112 Eatery

112 Eatery 4.5 ster(ren)

American (New)
Just the best. I moved to Chicago, but I hit this place every time I come home. Service is always great, the decor always looks good, and the food has yet...
Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen 4.5 ster(ren)

This place is a great combo of good food and good service. The food is really delicious! The goat is AMAZING, and the jerk chicken is pretty yummy as...
Kbop Korean Bistro

Kbop Korean Bistro 4.5 ster(ren)

Strongly recommend fried shrimp rice. Comfort food! Comfort food! Comfort food! It is almost the same as I had when I was a junior high school student....
La Huasteca Restaurant

La Huasteca Restaurant 4.5 ster(ren)

The restaurant at this location is named "Taco & Salsa". I'm not sure whats going on, but the name is not "Huasteca". We got the Tacos de Cabeza. 4 for...

Borough 4 ster(ren)

American (New)
It was my first time here last weekend and I'm obsessed. The overall atmosphere is welcoming and the mix and match silverware is especially charming. We had...
Maria's Café

Maria's Café 4 ster(ren)

Latinoamericano, Desayuno y brunch
Oh Maria, so glad you were just around the corner for our brunch journey! This cafe was fantastic. Spot On. Delicious!! It's a mix of Colombian flavors...